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See what we've achieved so far

Check out all of our recent solar installations here or on our Facebook Page.

5 KW System in San Pedro, Laguna

Our most recent installation—a 5 KW grid-tied system in Laguna! Big systems, big savings. Thank you for trusting ARBESA Solar.

45 KW Grid-Tied System with Net Metering

ARBESA Solar goes BIG.
Installed a 45KW Grid-tied system! Join us in our fight to save the planet—one panel at a time, for Mother Earth.

Another Successful Installation

Saving the planet one panel at a time by installing a new solar panel system at Lancaster New City! Thank you Ma’am Lexi and Amy for trusting ARBESA Solar.

3.3 KW System with a 5 KW Inverter

The Beginning of Something BIG. We just installed a new solar panel system in Lancaster New City.

Installed a 2.2 KW System in Cavite

Just installed a 2.2KW system in Cavite! Thank you for trusting our service Ma’am Susan. Now she enjoys FREE electricity powered by the sun.

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